“I´m trying to lose weight – what is the best weight loss pill?”

A LOT of people are asking this question. In fact, it is one of the most searched terms on Google, with over 200.000 searches every month.

There are many methods out there. Everything from atkins diets, fat blockers, fat burners, fat binders and appetite suppressants to green teas and weight loss surgeries. How to choose? What you have to do is to educate yourself on the pros and cons of the different methods, as well as learn how to spot diet pill scams. Most consumers have a lot to learn to be able to shop safely for fat loss supplements.

Sounds hard? Don´t worry. We have done the work for you!

We have tested all fat loss supplements out there and have made extensive interviews with the users. What we can conclude is the following: Fat Burners are the safest and most effective diet pills on the market .

Fat Burners are the best pills for weight loss!

Safe fat burner brands are simply the best you can use for a safe and effective fat loss. Fat burners are always the top performers in real scientific tests. Why are fat burners at the #1 position in study after study? Here´s why:

  • Supercharges Metabolism! Fat burners turns your body´s inner thermostat UP, making you burn fat without effort.
  • Energy Level goes WAY UP!
  • You will lose up to 5lbs. a week!
  • NO SIDE EFFECTS with a good fat burner!

In addition to the above, good fat burner brands also have the ability to suppress appetite. This means that you won´t feel hunger the same way that you usually do. And if you aren´t hungry, you will find it easier to resist food cravings. The appetite suppressing effect is what makes Hoodia Gordinii so desirable. With a fat burner, you will get the same effect and then some, but without the hefty price tag of true Hoodia.

Do not buy strong medicines like Phentermine!!! The side effects from bad, strong pills like Phentermine are horrible. Go for a safe and legal alternative instead. Like the ones we recommend:


Price from $69.95 – 30 pills

No. 1 Phen375

Phen375 is the best fat burner pill for sale anywhere. The weight loss results of the test groups were the best we´ve seen so far. Also, not a single user in the group interviewed had experienced any kind of side effects from using these diet pills.

Phen375 stands for Phentemine 375, a safe legal alternative to the old strong Pentermine. Phen375 is just as effective, but it lacks the nasty side effects.

We strongly recommend them as the best fat burners. You will not go wrong with Phen375. Read the Phen375 review…

Price from $24.99 – 30 pills

No. 2 Capsiflex

Capsiplex is a great 100% clinically proven fat burner that has given some really nice results in several tests.

The Capsiplex is clean and pure. This natural fat burner is also suitable for vegetarians. It contains pepper which can help burn 12 times more calories.

The weight loss potential of red hot peppers has long been known as Capsicum. Capsiplex uses the power of this process to increase metaolism and suppress appetite. We like this idea! Diet pill technology has improved a lot in recent years, and this is an example of  product that pushed the boundaries of development in the fat burner field. Read the Capsiplex review…

Price from $49.95 – 60 pills

No. 3 EZslim

The EZslim pill is a product that gives some real satisfactory results. It cannot compare to the most effective brand in our reviews series, the Phen375, but is still a good diet supplement.

Ezslim uses extracts from indian cactus Caralluma Fimbriata to suppress appetite and burn fat.

While the active chemicals in the cactus is suppressing your food intake, the synephrine (bitter orange) and caffeine (green tea) will improve energy and increase fat burning.

Just like with Capsiplex, the EZslim is a uite clever new product. Read the EZslim review…

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